Daima Sacco History

 Daima Sacco Society Limited was established and registered under the Co-operative Societies Act on 16th April 1991. The SACCO draws its membership mainly from tea growers who are paid through the SACCO by KTDA. In 2010, the SACCO opened its FOSA operations as a way of attracting more members from the wider community and rebranded from Mungania Tea Growers Sacco to Daima Sacco Society Limited. The SACCO’s affairs are governed by the Co-operatives Societies Act, 2004; SACCO Societies Act, 2008; SACCO Societies Regulations, 2010; its By-laws and Policies and Procedures. The Board of Directors is responsible for policy decisions while the Supervisory Committee (SC) ensures compliance with the governing Acts, Society by-laws, policies and procedures.

Daima Sacco Limited main office is located in Manyata town, Embu County. The society is governed by Nine (9) elected directors who are supervised by a supervisory committee that consists of Three (3) members. The operations of the Sacco are conducted by Fifty (50) staff members who are headed by a CEO.


Since inception, the society has undergone through a series of transformation phases which include introduction of FOSA, Business loans and Micro credit services. The society has opened up eight branches across Embu County.

The Society’s main aim is to promote the economic interests of members by encouraging thrift through the mobilization of deposits, savings and investments. Daima Sacco Limited is one of the well-recognized SACCOs in Embu County; as a Sacco that draws technical and financial support from recognized institutions such as Co-operative Insurance Company (CIC) and Co-operative bank

Our Mission

To promote the socio-economic wellbeing of our members/customers by providing quality financial services through innovation, efficiency and prudent practices

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of affordable financial services in the country


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